Speckoz Pyrocide Fluhser Kills Insects Present In Hidden Places

Speckoz pyrocide flusher is a latest technology developed using NFDF technology in sprays. This type of sprays are applied with force into the hidden areas and the insects and pest are compelled to come out of the hidden areas and get affected by the chemicals sprayed using the spray. This product leaves its residues in the treated area for long span of time. This will make the insects to reenter the treated area and hide their selves. Speckroz pyrocide flusher is no less than any high end aerosol used to curb the population of the insects and pest hiding in unreachable places.

The best feature about this spray is than it is not flammable so you can use it around your gas stoves with no tension to cause any fire. This product contains three active formulations in it they are Pyrethrins 0.50% ,Piperonyl Butoxide 1.00% and N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide 1.67%. . These sprays are designed in such a way that it can go into small hole and apply the dry fog there and no doubt you will find endless number of countless insects and ants in those small holes. There are places in your cupboards in the your bedroom and kitchen where insects dwell but you’re not able to prevent it because you can’t see them now treating such areas have also become possible with the help of dry fog spray by Speckoz pyrocide flusher.

The maintenance of such type of spray is just negligible, you just have to take care that children and you’re domestic pests don’t come in contact with it. When you spray it is advisable to wear glasses on your eyes when you’re using the spray. This product is best for residential use and also for small offices which are built into small space.

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